Saturday, February 15, 2020

Movie review Much Ado About Nothing Shakespeare Assignment - 1

Movie review Much Ado About Nothing Shakespeare - Assignment Example I do not like the way characters in the film appear half naked during house parties. The film portrays a life pursuit of pleasure, such as drinking, dancing and making love that to some extent becomes immoral (Canby). Benedict and Beatrice are in a funny and sarcastic relationship that makes the film more appealing. Benedict himself is a funny character in the way he acts in the film. His humor is mainly found in act 2 scenes 3, especially when he falls with a chair after overhearing Don Pedro, leonate and Claudio saying that Beatrice is in love with him. I would recommend this film to adults because it is funny and involve issues that only adults can comprehend such as love affairs, sex and marriage (Canby). I have decided to examine Don John as one of the characters in the film. There are a lot of similarities in the way Don John is portrayed in the text and in the film. In the act 2, scene 1 of the film, Don John is portrayed as a jealous man (Canby). He does not like Claudio for being in relationship with the Hero. He is also jealous of Don Pedro, his half-brother, for being Claudio’s ‘wingman’ in his relationship with the Hero. Similarly, Don John is portrayed in the text as being jealous that makes him villain to an extent of breaking the relationship between Claudio and hero. The film portrays Don John as being villainy especially through his actions and the way he dresses. During the mask part held in a Tuscan villa, Don John is portrayed wearing a red evil mask implying that he is evil in his actions. However, the final scene of the film portrays how Don John gets low props after being arrested for attempts to break the relationship between Claudio and Hero (Canby). The film has applied the quality of motion in act 2, Scene 3. The camera moves to cover a wide area of the Leonato’s garden. It brings a sensual appeal to the audience and simultaneously communicates the

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